Patient Charter

Your wellbeing is very important to The Shah Clinic.

During your first appointment, you will receive a consultation to establish:

  • Why you are in pain.
  • What treatment options are available to you.
  • How many treatments you might require.
  • Prompt referral to an appropriate health professional if necessary.

Our patient-centred approach to the health and wellbeing means that we will always consider any symptoms in the context of your full medical history, lifestyle and personal circumstances.  Where possible, we will seek to treat your feet and legs without the use of drugs or surgery.

All medical instruments used during your treatment are pre-packed, fully sterilised and manufactured for single-use only.

New Patient Form

As a new patient, it is a legal requirement for you to fill out a New Patient Form.  You can download it here.  Please fill it in and bring it with you to your appointment to maximise your allotted appointment time.

Once at your appointment, you will have a thorough:

  • Evaluation of medical history (history of allergies, medications, and any medical conditions you may have)
  • Podiatric assessment carried out on your vascular (blood supply), neurological (nervous system), dermatological (skin), and orthopaedic (bones/joints) systems.
  • Diagnosis, prognosis, treatment plan & after care advice.

Call 020 7244 4200 today to book your first appointment.

** Please note that this is a legal requirement of the Government’s Health Professions Council (HPC), and that refusal to give a medical history will result in no treatment being given, although the fee for the appointment will still be charged.**